Molly Hogg

African and Asian Textiles and Objects

  • Man’s tunic 

    Man’s tunic Wodoaabe people, Niger The Geerewol festival brings the herdsmen together for a week in the rainy season. The grace and beauty of the tunic […]
  • Man’s robe fragment

    Man’s robe fragment Ewe tribe, Ghana, W. Africa An early narrow loom cloth, strip woven and faded natural dyes, creating the beautiful colour balance across the […]
  • Man’s wrap

    Yoruba people, Nigeria A highly prized cloth, strip-woven in wild silk, spun from the naturally brown cocoon found in the tamarind tree in Northern Nigeria. This […]
  • Man’s wrap

    Man’s wrap Yoruba people, Nigeria An expensively produced, strip woven cloth, using wild hand spun silks and the woven hole technique. Woven by the men of […]
  • Man’s cloth

    Man’s cloth Yoruba people, Nigeria A fine, naturally hand spun cotton, locally grown. A strip-woven in ten narrow pieces, with a black supplementary warp stripe, giving […]
  • Women’s dance skirt

    Women’s dance skirt Bushongo / Kuba people, D. R. Congo Textiles were the key art form of the Kuba, the patterns derived from the textiles adorned […]
  • Women’s cloth

    Women’s cloth Ashante tribe, Bonwire, Ghana This type of cloth is known as Bankuo. When there is a selection of “patchwork” of differing designs which would […]
  • Blanket Luru cloth

    Blanket Luru cloth Hausa people, Kano, Nigeria These blankets were woven to protect against night chills and mosquitos. The hand spun cotton wrap and weft gives […]
  • Cushion front

    Cushion front Fes, Morocco, N. Africa This large embroidery is in the traditional twisted silk thread of “Fes” work. Sourced in Morocco, these pieces are very […]