Molly Hogg

African and Asian Textiles and Objects

  • Barkcloth (Tapa). Women’s skirt cloth (Lavalava)

    Oro Province, Papua New Guinea A bold design, typical of this region. The black outlines and dots highlight the pattern. This would have been made for […]
  • Barkcloth (Tapa). Ceremonial panel

    Barkcloth (Tapa). Ceremonial panel Samoa, Pacific Islands A hand painted design of natural form, of stylised local flora. Typical of Samoan tapa. The resin glaze is […]
  • A Waist Cloth (Sbaiya)

    A Waist Cloth (Sbaiya) Bombay, India These cloths were to be found in sea-trading routes, from Oman, such as Mombasa, Zanzibar and Pakistan. The Omani’s introduced […]
  • A man’s body cloth 

    A man’s body cloth Angami Tribe, Nagaland, N. India A fine cloth, woven on a back-strap loom in four lengths, with supplementary weft design in black […]
  • A man’s body cloth (Asukeda-pi)

    A man’s body cloth (Asukeda-pi) Sema Hetoi village, Nagaland, N.E India Worn by local chieftains and their families. Woven on a back-strap loom, by the women […]
  • Women’s shawl

    Women’s shawl Hazara, Swat Valley, Pakistan This type of embroidery is quite distinct from the phulkari textiles of the area, both in design and technique. Mainly […]
  • Women’s headcover (Ludii)

    Women’s headcover (Ludii) Kutchi, Rabari group, Tharparkar, Pakistan A fantastic example of this vibrant shawl, worn by the brides of the community, with a tie-dyed pattern […]
  • Women’s head cover (Phulkari Chadar)

    Women’s head cover (Phulkari Chadar) Western Punjab, Pakistan These finely and densely floss-stitched covers were known as bagh or garden, and are typical of the western […]
  • Skirt length (Parha)

    Skirt length (Parha) Lohana group, Tharparkar, Pakistan The Lohana people attach great importance to the skill of the girls to appliqué, quilt and embroider, this being […]